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A2B-online Transport Ltd.

A2B-online Transport Ltd was formed in the UK on 5th January 2011.

The company is fully owned by A2B-online and was established in order to be able to supply UK trucking to A2B-online. The company acquired an initial operator’s license for 10 trucks in the spring of 2011.

The first 3 trucks were purchased in June 2011 and went on the road in November 2011. A further 7 trucks were taken on in the autumn of 2014.
As the mother company saw continued growth during this period the company applied for an increased o-license in 2014 and got this authorised by DVSA in 2015. The company now has a license to run 50 trucks and trailers running from operating centres in Cambridgeshire and Suffolk.
A2B-online Transport Ltd will continue to increase truck numbers during 2016 and as such is looking to employ more drivers.
For details please have a look at the “career” section of this website.